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Mother's Day - A Road Less Discouraged

When I look back on the path I have followed, I must acknowledge that my mother had a strong influence on my directions (Mom GPS). A road less discouraged. She told me a story about my propensity to entertain at an early age, it seems she was feeling rather ill one day and decided to rest. She apparently advised me to remain clear of her resting area in case what she had was contagious such as the flu or some other nasty airborne virus. According to her story, I obeyed by sitting in the hallway next to the bedroom which was ideal. I stayed clear, but apparently, I didn't stay quiet. I decided to entertain her by spinning yarns and tales off the top of my head, which according to her, lasted for an hour straight. Now at any point, she could have told me to be quiet or please shut up or any other number of silencing techniques but she didn't. She let me ramble. And from that day forward, that has been pretty much the case. That is not to say, there weren't times she would

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